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Novakid for teachers

Our teachers inspire children all over the globe to study English. Novakid provides the platform where you will be surrounded by open-minded, smart, and creative people. Join our growing family and earn from the comfort of your own home.

Who We Are
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Who We Are
Novakid is an online English learning platform. Our international team works all over the world with children aged 4-12 from Poland, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Spain and other countries.
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What We Believe
Our mission is to change this world for the better and make affordable high-quality education available to every child in the world. Novakid does its best every day to create a comfortable environment for both teachers and students.
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What We Do
We provide a unique interactive programme that was designed by experienced teachers and methodologists to create an environment for children so they can learn English intuitively as if it was their native language.

How to join Novakid

Step 2
Take an equipment test
Step 3
Attend a 25-minute meeting on our platform (including a 10-minute demo-lesson)
Step 4
Take a self-paced course
Step 5
Sign the contract and start teaching!

What We Offer


Teach from the comfort of your home


Full control over your schedule


A competitive hourly rate based on the number of successfully conducted lessons


Incentives for successful trials and referrals


A curriculum and teaching materials provided by NovaKid


Regular students


Access to training and professional development


The possibility to impact the lives of thousands of children all over the world

Our Main Advantages
Time and Location Flexibility

We offer timezone diversity. You open slots and arrange your business days when and where it feels most convenient for you.

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Teaching materials

You don’t need to make any lesson plans: Novakid provides a programme that was created by experienced practicing teachers and methodologists.

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Our highly experienced global support team is always ready to provide immediate assistance at your request.

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Professional growth

We offer continuing education sessions throughout the year with facilitators who provide training opportunities for understanding latest platform innovations, curriculum methodologies, and implementation of best teaching practices.

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Global Reach

Novakid connects you with students located in diverse geographical locations. This provides you with optimal opportunities to know new cultures and countries while gaining uniquely diverse teaching experience.

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What we're looking for


Native English speakers from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Near-Native speakers from other countries with a BA degree or higher.


An international teaching certificate such as DELTA, CELTA, TESOL or TEFL.


Minimum 1 year of teaching experience with children.


Online teaching experience is not required but would be a plus.


Minimum expected availability is 20 hours weekly.


How to join Novakid

    Step 2: Take the equipment test
    Step 3: Attend a 25-minute meeting on our platform (including a 10-minute demo-lesson)
    Step 4: Study the training materials to get ready to start teaching
    Step 5: Sign the contract and start teaching!

What devices do I need?

  • Modern laptop with Windows 8 or more / MasOXX 10.10 or more
  • 2GB RAM, 128GB HDD / SSD, 1GHz CPU or more
  • Installed Chrome Web Browser
  • HD Web camera (720p or 1080p)
  • Headphones with a microphone
  • Fixed broadband Internet connection 10Mbps or faster
  • UPS backup battery

How do I get paid?

We offer a competitive hourly rate based on your credentials and demo lesson performance. Novakid has a self-service payout function in the teacher's portal. You can withdraw your money whenever you like via PayPal or Payoneer.
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