만 8-9세 어린이들을 위한 영어

만 8세 어린이들이 학습과 교육 과정을 조금씩 이해하게 됩니다. 만 9세 어린이들에게는 학습 활동이 주요 활동이 됩니다. 영어에 빠져 들기에 가장 좋은 시기입니다!

Managing attention is the key to success

For second or third graders English lessons at primary school don’t often bring joy or draw their interest. Generally, school teachers and tutors focus on drilling grammar rules and practising reading techniques at a time when the students are just learning to manage their attention and even basic concentration is an effort for them.
The Novakid program considers these psychological features of 8-9 y.o. kids in-order to increase the effectiveness of classroom learning. It motivates kids to study and develop their skills.

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With students at this elementary-school level, it is important not only to master language skills, but also to increase their interest in learning.

Why do we teach English to kids at the age of 8-9 years old?

    • At this age kids' mental abilities are dramatically expanding, memory and their cognitive abilities are developing intensively.
    • New information raises a huge interest.
    • Children are very sociable and emotional.
    • Game is a still a favorite type of activity. The more interactive the better.

Our Starters Program is developed for primary students of 2nd and 3rd grades, who begin or continue their learning.

무료 샘플수업 신청

English for 8 and 9 year olds in Novakid

Special Format of Classes

Special Format of Classes

We considered all the peculiarities of children's development at the age of 8-9 and created descriptive, visual materials which provoke interest and emotional reaction. Clearly arranged tasks include elements of cognitive, learning and game-based activities. An individual approach, praising, support and a friendly atmosphere - every piece of a Novakid class helps the learning process.
Result at the Core

Result at the Core

Novakid starters programs include all grammatical structures and lexical units compulsory for 8-9 y.o. students. In contrast to regular classroom settings, in our classes, kids acquire reading and grammar skills via playing, interacting, and communicating with a teacher. Thus, we create motivation for learning. By the end of the course a student is prepared for passing Pre-A1 exam (YLE Starters - Listening and speaking).